Another Florida Escape-Featuring Aline Crumb

Another Florida Escape-Featuring Aline Crumb

I’m back in Florida, land of the retired, rejuvenated, and slightly ridiculous. My cousin Aline Crumb and I are here visiting family.

Although Aline grew up on Long Island among the privileged (and, shall we say, JAPs), she never quite fit in. Aline found salvation among the hippies in the 1960s and became an artist. She married the iconic comic-book artist Robert Crumb and the two eventually moved to an old Victorian village in the south of France to raise their child and create art.

I love that Aline questioned the norm and created her own, colorful path. Even today, as many of her former hippie friends have become professionals stuck in the city’s rat race, Aline lives a non-traditional life outside any system or 9 to 7 gig.

It’s no coincidence that I get to spend time with her now, as I find myself breaking from the corporate hustle to get more connected to my true self and hop down a new road.

Of course, together here in Florida, we are amazed at all the characters around us. A group of 92-year-old poker players compete for dimes. There’s Bennie the Israeli organ player; a man who sits pool-side while sharing his near-death experience; and an ancient woman who brings up the Holoucast 30 seconds into any conversation.

Here’s a fun video of Aline and me observing the South Florida scene and trying to make sense of it all.

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