Five Things I Love About Me

Ilana Arazie

Here are five things I love about myself:

1. I’m creative

2. I’m feminine

3. Um, let me think… I can’t think of anything… Oh yeah — I have great hair

4. I guess I can be a good networker

5. I love my teeth? (Wait — do I love my teeth?)

Now you try. Quickly rattle five things you love about yourself and notice the difficulty. It’s not so easy to notice your fabulous qualities. It’s much more natural to rip ourselves to shreds and list five things we don’t like about ourselves.

For me, that list might include:

1. My indecisiveness

2. My legs

3. The sun marks on my face

4. My handwriting

5. My addiction to the Internet

I’m retaking a great class for women called The Power of Now, taught by Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore and we did this exercise last week.

Jennifer asked us, “What if you had an endless list of all the things you loved about yourself. Imagine how you can move mountains if you saw all your gifts every day?”

She explained how most of us focus on our problems, challenges and shortcomings — and it’s proven that what we think about, we create.

When I was single, I remember walking around secretly thinking how there were no good, available men in this city. I was pissed for sure. Sure enough, for years I found just that: no good, available men. It was only when I shifted my perspective and started believing that there were amazing, incredible men everywhere I looked that my single days were over. One day, I finally met someone pretty cool.

Of course, this is not about men. It’s about you. Start focusing on your amazing, unique qualities each day…and see what you start creating in your life.

I know I would like to create an afternoon snack right about now, and maybe curl up to some Monday evening TV soon. BTW, did you know I’m a good cook, too? I’m adding that one to my list.

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