Greatness in the Hood

Greatness in the Hood

I’m amazed that even in this time when people are struggling with unemployment, shaky markets and the daily insanity of family life — they still find time to help others less fortunate.

As you know, I recently moved to Westchester from the city and have met some inspiring people in and around my town of Hastings on Hudson. Who knew such greatness existed outside of Manhattan, let alone above 14th street.

Pam Koner is a perfect example of a modern day wonder woman. She operates a donation program of her home. Families drop their clothing, household items and food at her home and she sends donations directly to families in need throughout the U.S. Can you imagine the clutter she deals with? This is a good lady.

Pam started theorganization called Family-to-Family which matches each of its donors with a specific family living in profound poverty. One donor, Kim Glines is a mother of six and wife of an auto-worker who lost his job works with her children’s school principal to get food to families in need. Where does she find the time!

Part of the organization’s mission is to create connections between families with “more” and families with “less.” Though it seems that even the families with “less” are working with the Family-to-Family organization to help others even less fortunate.

Arma Woods struggled for many years to lift herself from rural southern poverty as she raised her kids alone and struggles with a life threatening disease.  She coordinated a F-to-F chapter and now helps 30 families each month — some with only an income of $300 dollars a month.

I must remind myself that even if I sometimes think that I have it rough, I need a reality check. Someone else has it worse and can use my support. Even if it’s a small donation of the sugar-kind. I make a mean apple crisp these days. The funny thing is that even though I am giving back, I will get so much more in the end from the experience.

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