A Modern Kitchen Design For Open-Floor Houses

A Modern Kitchen Design For Open-Floor Houses

Nowadays, kitchen is not just a place for you to cook, but a modern kitchen is also a part of the house which significantly influence the style of the house. Having a kitchen which also have an artistic feature is something that many people are looking for lately. This need is getting bigger if you are living in a relatively small house which forces you to have a open floor house. This type of the house will make you to merge your kitchen with other room, like dining room and the living room.

One perfect example of a modern kitchen with open floor design is created by Zeiter + Berchtold in a private resident located in Termen, Switzerland. These amazingly detailed pictures are taken by Thomas Andenmatten. The house, including this kitchen set, is built by Matthias Werlen Architektur. This kitchen is designed with a Romanian-TV-studio style which makes it look way more practical that any other kitchen designs you may have ever seen. The kitchen, the dining room, and the living room is perfectly merged into one room in these pictures.

The key is very simple. In the kitchen, you just need a big kitchen island which will help you to cook, prepare the food, and for having your meals too. Pick up a neutral color for the kitchen island. This kitchen island can also become the border which automatically separate the kitchen and the rest of the room. Behind this kitchen island, you may see that the kitchen cabinet is made in form of large cupboard. The oven is also internally constructed inside this kitchen cabinet. This is a creative way of making the cabinet becomes the wall too. Finally, you can put some small artistic lamps above the kitchen island and, there you go, you get yourself a modern kitchen for your house. You can find all about information and tips home

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