Some Simples Ideas For Having A Stylish Kitchen

Some Simples Ideas For Having A Stylish Kitchen

Do you think that a stylish kitchen should be colorful and high-end? Do you think that a nice kitchen should have fancy lights and tables? If you think you do, you might be wrong. A nice kitchen design in these pictures taken by Make That Studio is going to change your belief system. This creative yet elegant kitchen idea is designed by Paolo Didonè Devvy Comacchio Architects. The kitchen belongs to a 1,292-square-foot house located in Rosà, Italy. The kitchen is very cozy to cook something or even to just have a cup of coffee in the morning when you wake up.

On the hand, you may see that everything in this kitchen design is very simple. Nothing fancy or high-end like we used to think of. If anything, the color is highly dominated by white? Then, what is the key point of this stylish kitchen? There are two substantial points that you can learn from this kitchen design. First, you cannot the fact that the floor is breathtaking. The floor if the first thing that we might be able to look at when we look at the picture. It is made from polished maple red granite floor tile which can perfectly match with white color dominance in the kitchen.

The second key point of this design is the dining table and chairs at the center of the kitchen. At first, it may look simple, but since this dining table is put in the center of the kitchen, then that is when you realize how important this table is. The chairs are also very unique in design. It is made from wood with distinctive feature at its feet. A simple feature like this is very important for making your kitchen design works. In the end, many windows in this stylish kitchen makes everything looks bright without having to installing many lamps.

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