White Sofa For Your Living Room

White Sofa For Your Living Room

A furniture as simple as white sofa can transform your living room into a high-end room for greeting your guests and visitors. Since sofa is one of the most substantial furniture in the living room, then picking the right one which can bring a warm and cozy atmosphere is very important to do. Most of the people have been commonly think that sofa should be colorful to live up the style of the room. That is not 100% wrong, but that opinion is not 100% tru either. A plain white-colored sofa can also be a good choice for sofa if you can deal with the arrangement.

A good example that we can learn something from is the living room with the white sofa in these pictures. These pictures are taken by Constantin Meyer and this living room belongs to a private residence located in Visbek, Germany. The living room is renovated and designed by Reichel Architects. As you may see that the living room is quite large. That is why the designer is taking two large so far to fill in the spaces left in this living room. In this case, try not to take the sectional sofa, but simply take the ordinary sofa.

Something that we can learn form this amazing living room design is how the designer picks different sofa for the living room. Despite the color is just the same, but the style of the sofa is significantly different. That is a good trick to create a distinctive feature for the room. Since the sofa is relative large, then you might need a large coffee table to be placed next to the sofa. Finally, you can completely make this white sofa shine through the room by having a red floor carpet to give a contrast look in the living room. Click here to find more information about home design. Click here for more information about home design, including living room.

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