A White Flying Stairway Idea

Flying Stairway

White stairway can be your first option when you are decorating your house. Stairway nowadays is not simply a part of the house, but stairway is also an interior ornament which can make the style of the house works. Having a good-looking, unique stairway has been one of the most favorite feature of the house by modern families in the world. When it comes to that, color selection matters. One of the safest option for stairway is white color. It is simple, elegant, and simply versatile for home design.

The perfect visualization of a nice white stairway is shown by these pictures taken by KUBE Architecture. The design of the stairway is also created by KUBE Architecture. The picture is taken form a private house in Washington D.C. The stairway in these pictures are build next to the long wall of the house. The unique design of the stairway is making the it look like they are flying in the air. The design is also supported by the wall which have a distinctive feature on its surface. Some dark woods are also applied on the wall to make support the construction of the stairway.

Having these woods installed also makes the wall look not so empty. Another thing that you can learn from this design is how the stairway is supported by a railing placement which will makes it safer for kids and elderly. However, since this stairway is created in a such unique design without any basement support, you have to make sure that the wood used for the stairway is strong enough to hold the burden. You may discuss this matter with your architect or your personal carpenter. Once you find the right material, you can finally install this white stairway for your house. Good luck!

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