How to Keep the Knives Sharp with Henckels Knife Sharpener

How to Keep the Knives Sharp with Henckels Knife Sharpener

Among long list of knife sharpeners that can be found out there, Henckels knife sharpener comes as the superior choice to maintain your blades. It is quite obvious that keeping the knives sharp is essential, particularly for people whose work involve frequent cutting. Working with dull knife is such a torture, not to mention the horrible cutting result that you will get. From this consideration, knife blade needs to be sharpen regularly. How to sharpen the knives with Henckels sharpener? Pay attention to how to sharpen knives the right way.

Back then, we know that people commonly sharpen their knives with sharpening steel or stone. This sharpener is actually easy to use. However, as the time goes by, sharpening system also improves. It allows people to have better experience of sharpening. Just like this Henckels knife sharpener, it is included into pull through sharpener. Unlike the traditional sharpener, this tool is pretty easier to use. Employing two modules which are sharpening and honing modules, pull through sharpener is considered safer.

To sharpen the knives blade, you need to place the knife heel in one slot. Make sure it is sharpening module which is made from steel or sometimes ceramic rods. Give some pressure and draw the blade through it. Please note that too much pressure is not recommended as the coarse slot is quite abrasive. As a result, your knife edge will be damaged or the knife will bounce. Repeat the step for several times until you get the desired result. After sharpening, the next step is honing. Do the same steps, but place the blade in the next module.

After knowing the right step to sharpen the blade, it is time to find the right Henckels knife sharpener. Zwilling is the most-known brand that introduces Henckels sharpeners. This pull through sharpener boasts perfect result only with few strokes. Designed with safety handle grip, it keeps you from hurting yourself. There are some advantages of Zwilling sharpener, including easy to use and quick sharpening.

Designed as pull sharpener with 2 stages, this tool comes with ceramic rods that are available both in coarse and fine options. To sharpen, you have to choose the coarse slot. Meanwhile, fine slot is used to hone the knives blade. Your dull knife will be alive in second. Designed for any blade, this Henckels knife sharpener meets your demand of high quality sharpener for different purpose.

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