3 Stage Knife Sharpener: What to Choose and Advantage to Gain

The fact that 3 stage knife sharpener is the most common tool to keep the knife stay alive, still it is quite difficult to choose the best one. Many electric sharpeners are now coming with three stages which are sharpening, honing and polishing. Meanwhile, some of them only require two steps, sharpening and honing. The 3-stage sharpener is actually more versatile as you can get shiny, nice knife blade. Here we have two options of 3 stage sharpener along with their advantages. Keep reading before deciding.

To begin with, there is knife sharpener comes from Quick Cocinero brand. This 3 stage knife sharpener will resurrect your dull knives. The sharpening tool offers the easiest and fastest way to sharpen any kind of knives. It works well with your ceramic and stainless steel knife whether butcher knife, kitchen knife, professional knife, fruit knife, even hunting knife. No more bad times of sawing the meat because of dull knives. With easy sharpening steps, this tool from Quick Cocinero gives perfectly precise result for your knife blades.

There are some advantages offered by this sharpening tool (for more information about knife sharpener, click here). Aside from the versatile and easy sharpening system, you will get lifetime guarantee. Whenever you buy a sharpener set from Quick Cocinero, it will come in a box containing instructions and guarantee card. In addition, no need to worry about cutting your hands while sharpening. Employing rubber base holding, this knife sharpener is totally safe. Furthermore, effective sharpening is another feature offered by this tool.

Moving to the other brand, there is Nuvita 3 stage knife sharpener. Coming with ergonomic design and comfortable material, this knife sharp-maker gives you nice experience of sharpening the blades. It employs rubber handle that enables you to grip the sharpener firmly without worrying of cutting your hands. The structure is made to be weighted and balance, allowing the sharpener to stand firmly on the counter.

It has long list of advantage, ranging from precise sharpening system, easy application as well as satisfying result. Nuvita knife sharpener helps you sharpens the knives in fast and effective way. Thanks to different stone for different stage of sharpening. This tool can be used for wide ranges of knives. Nevertheless, you need to note some things. This sharpener is not suitable for scissors. In addition, always remember to give right pressure to the blade—overpowering will not give precise result. The last, do not put Nuvita 3 stage knife sharpener in the water.

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