Best Chew Proof Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Little Destroyer


It has become a habit of dogs to chew various kinds of things, so you need a special mattress called chew proof orthopedic dog bed. It has various uses, including helping eliminating the habit of chewing from your dogs.

In fact, as a place where they spend a lot of time, dog beds are the right choices to start chew-proofing your things. The manufacturers usually make specialized chew proof orthopedic dog bed to help you. Here are some of them.

1. Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed

Made of rip-resistant nylon fabric, this bed will make your dog tired of chewing it. In addition, the zipper part is made of hard iron. Your dog will not be able to chew this mattress longer. Besides, it is also completely washable, so you don’t need to be afraid when this mattress starts to get dirty.


2. K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad

One of the advantages of this mattress is its endless portability. With minimalist design, you just roll and put it wherever you like. Moreover, the stitches from K9 crate pad are known to be very strong.


3. Titan Dog Bed

Besides equipped with chew-resistant material, Titan dog bed also has memory foam that’s friendly for dog’s backbone. If you are not sure about the strength of this mattress against your dog, this bed provides a month-long guarantee for the trial period. Overall, this is the best chew proof orthopedic dog bed to choose.


4. Ninja Dog Bed

As the name suggests, it turns out to have endurance like a ninja. Equipped with a cloth resistant, water resistant, and also dirt resistant, Ninja dog bed is ready to provide extra comfort for your dog. Ninja Dog Bed will extend the warranty to 3 months, completely money-back guaranteed.


5. Kuranda Elevated Beds

It is no secret that the number of elevated beds is the best chew resistant mattress ever. With a unique and strong material used, you will be surprised by the durability of this thing. Moreover, there are various kinds of upgrades and accessories to please your dog. Kuranda guarantees for a full year if there are problems with their products.

Well, that is a variety of reasons and chew proof dog beds for your recommendation. The intensity of chewing on your dog is indeed very detrimental. However, since there is chew proof orthopedic dog bed, your dog’s chewing issues will be easily resolved.

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