How to Appropriately Apply Over the Counter Ear Mite Treatment

Over the Counter Ear Mite Treatment

Over the counter ear mite treatments is such topical treatment which can be applied to your dogs or cats in order to sort out ear mites. Ear mites are common in cats. However, it is not only found in cats but also dogs and mammalian pets. The mites can possibly cause hair loss, infection and also irritation when it is untreated. Fortunately, the treatment to take care of it is inexpensive and easy. Common symptoms consist of minor bleeding, extreme scratching on ears, discharge on the external ear channel, more sensitive ears when it is touched and etc. take into account that ear mites are such tiny creatures and cannot be easily seen using naked eye as you’re going to use an enlarged glass to see it.

When you’ve already recognized ear mites found in your pets’ ears, you will need to treat them with the right over the counter ear mite treatment. Thus, it is essential to follow the steps accurately in order to make sure all mites along with the eggs already removed as well as preventing it from re-infestation.

  • Cleaning the pets’ ear
    You can use a cleaner specially designed to remove ear mites in your pets’ ear. The cleaner is able to dry out the pets’ ear. If you are not sure enough, follow the directions on the package. Or, you can also speak with your vet for more detailed information about this.
  • Medication
    When it comes to eliminate ear mites, avoid using home remedies as it can possibly harm their ears. Medication for ear mites is moderately effective and also inexpensive. They are also available in almost all pet shops that make it very easy to get to.
  • Re-cleaning
    Cleaning the pets’ ear all over again is purposely to remove any supple mites with excessive eggs. Bear in mind that it will take few times for mites to set off a re-infestation.

Treating mites somehow is needed to remove all mites in your pets’ ear. Mites can cause inflammation, itching and even a bacterial infection when your pets scratching it excessively making it so painful to your pets. Some prescription medications can be applied to treat mites and other skin discharges like fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms too. Speak with your vet to know how often you should use the over counter medication to prevent overuse. Over the counter ear mite treatments is able to relieve their pain and also eliminating those annoying mites in your pets’ ear.

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