Purebred Russian Blue Kittens for Sale: Things You Should Know Before Buying One

Purebred Russian Blue Kittens for Sale

Are you searching for purebred Russian blue kittens for sale right now? Well, Russian blue cats are one of the most gentle and beautiful cats every cat owner wishes for. The cats have a grey silky coat with thick fur. Their eyes are commonly in vivid green color with long legs and a lean body. They also have a tapering tail with small paws in rounded shape. They become popular due to their unique looks. Whilst the personality of a cat is rely on its environment and upbringing, a Russian blue cat is gentle and clever by nature. They such an ideal pet for those have young children in the home as they do not bite and scratch. They have a tendency to wiggle rather than tie up. Moreover, they are also ideal for aged people.

When it comes to cat’s temperament, purebred Russian blue kittens for sale tend to be gentle, quiet and also docile. The cats don’t like having close contact with the owners but cannot live without the owner as well. In short, they cannot live alone. So, if you are going to adopt this cat breed, you might need to bring 2 kittens rather than only one kitten.

Purebred Russian blue kittens generally measured up to 5.5 kilograms of the body weight. This way, the cat is classified into medium-sizing felines. The usual color of this Russian blue cat breed is fairly homogeneous such as grayish blue color with yellow and green on the eyes color indeed. When they grow up, the eye color will gradually transform into green as when kittens their eye color is yellow. Their coat comes with beautiful stripes that will gradually fade into graceful grayish blue color when the kitten transforms into an adult.

In fact, you will never be able to shed your kittens’ coat. Due to their short coats, they don’t need a shed at all. Unless you have a Russian blue kitten with a long coat, you can actually shed it periodically. When compared to other cat breeds, kitten with Russian blue breed is shed less.

You don’t need any special treatments when looking after purebred Russian blue kittens. The kittens are known for their sturdy and hardy body along with long-standing lifespan. Bear in mind that they tend to weigh gain more lead you to provide sparing meal. You can clean their teeth and brushing their coats once in a week they will possibly love. Don’t forget to change their litter box regularly as purebred Russian blue kittens for sale are extremely persnickety when entering an unclean litter box.

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