Most Common Cat Watery Eye Causes that Every Owner Needs to Understand

Cat Watery Eye

Cat watery eye is considered as a common condition cat eye infection by most cat owners. However, watery eye on the feline is not actually something good. There are numerous bad conditions with watery eyes as the sign. To learn more about watery eye on cats, you need to go to the very basic understanding which is the cause of it. Here are some of the most common conditions to trigger the watery eyes on cats.

1. Glaucoma
Glaucoma is a very common eye disease on cat. It basically destroys the optic nerve of a cat. One of the impacts of glaucoma attacking the cat’s eyes is the water filling the eyes constantly. Even though glaucoma is commonly attacking older cats, the possibility of young cats, even kittens to have the disease is still high.

2. Allergy
Just like human, cat can have allergy to plenty of things. When they get allergic to something, the allergic reaction is including the watery eye. It is believed that cats are most commonly allergic to dust, pollen, and mildew. Some products of flea control and medicine can also trigger allergy of a cat. Besides the cat watery eye, a cat with allergic reaction will also experience inflammation, especially on the facial area, WebMD says.

3. Eyelid Tumors
Tumors or unwanted, abnormal growth of tissue can hapen to the eyelid of a cat. If this happens, the owner will probably see cat eye watering and squinting for multiple times a day. The tumors are not serious and life threatening. However, it will eventually blind the cat if the tumor is left untreated.

4. Inflammation on the Tear Duct
The tear duct is basically the part to control the tears on the eyes. If this part is not properly working, the eyes will get basically flooded by tears. It exactly what happens when the tear duct is inflamed. The inflammation on the tear duct triggers the excessive water to fill the feline’s eyes.

5. Distichiasis
Distichiasis is the condition where the eyelashes of the cat grow irregularly, sometimes even growing inward and poking the cat’s eye. This condition triggers the eyes to produce lots of water in order to protect the eye from strange things that going inside of it, which is the eyelash in this case.

Now, the causes are well explained. All you need to do now is actually bringing the cat to vet if the eye condition is too severe to the extent of the cat cannot see properly. By understanding all those causes of cat watery eye, you can actually be aware of its danger to your beloved cat. Or click here to find more information about your cat’s watery eyes.

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