Choices of Afrocentric Shower Curtain for Sale

Choices of Afrocentric Shower Curtain for Sale

Afrocentric shower curtain is one good choice among any other kinds of shower curtain. It can maximize the appearance and enhance the bathroom cabin. Besides giving privacy for personal needs, curtain brings the artistic look as well. As shower curtains have many choices, it will not be a difficult thing to match it with the design of your bathroom. There are many African shower curtains that you can find in the market. For you who like to hunt for sale, here are some of the most common one available.

Dripping in Melanin

For the first Afrocentric shower curtain for sale, you can choose this type. It is a good choice for people who do not like to go too much for shower curtain. However, this type can help to express the feeling you want. It has simple words. Even so, it is enough to show your personality. Mostly, this type comes in white background, while the text is in black or gold shade. The contrast it has with the background is the vocal point of the curtain. Some of them also come with dripping accent to enhance more artistic touch.

3D style

For the next choice of Afrocentric shower curtain, you can choose 3D full or the half body. Well, this choice indeed can improve the interior look of your bathroom. However, you need to be careful if decided to use this type. For the tips it might be better to go with the single huge painting rather than choosing the Afro girl with small faces.

Family Afro

In addition, besides the two, you can have this one as alternative, especially if you live with the entire member of your family. The characteristic of this type is that almost all family afro curtain has fresh painting. It will look good not only for shower cabinet, but it can also give accent for the shower. If you have much budget, you can opt the high quality printing as this curtain can bring out the painting well. Moreover, it looks so real, too.

The big red head

For the last choice, big red head is another unique curtain motif. It is a refreshing choice with colorful background. The most common one is cherry blossom. It is a perfect choice for feminine or minimalist concept. With this Afrocentric shower curtain, you will definitely improve the appearance of your bathroom.

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