Fixing Kitchen Sink Leaking Underneath by knowing the Sign and Source

Fixing Kitchen Sink Leaking Underneath by knowing the Sign and Source

As we know, the kitchen sink leaking underneath is the most common problem facing by many houses. For people who are just starting a live alone, it can be a very hard thing to overcome. Therefore, knowing anything about it will be helpful to solve the problem when it arises. Here are some problems related to the leaks along with the signs.

For your information, the most common trouble is splash leaks. It is water which escapes past a shower door or curtains. It may sounds like a simple problem. However, it can cause major damages if it continues and seep to the subfloor. In long period of time, it can damage vinyl flooring or make the tiles loose. For more, it can also make the plywood subfloor rots. If it happens, the budget to replace it will be expensive.

Know the sign

This kind of kitchen sink leaking underneath has some early signs to notice. If you are using curtain, you can look if there is any standing water on the floor after taking a bath. Second, find any mold spots on the floor or wall by the shower or tub. Third, find water stains on your ceiling or peeling paint.

Find the source

To ease you in repairing kitchen sink leaking underneath, you need to find the source first. If you install a shower door, you can splash water around the frame. It will show up after a few minutes. If your door uses rubber gaskets, you can check the gaps first. It is also important for you to check the gaps between caulk; the place where the tub meets the flooring.

Fix it

To begin with, you need to make sure for overlapping the sliding doors correctly after closed it. Make sure the inner door is in the closest distance to the faucet. If you use curtain, not a door, you need to make sure of closing it before having a shower. For another option, just add a splash guard as well. Next, you can also seal a leaking frame by using small bead or caulk. Just put the caulk to the gaps between the frames then wipe the excess right away. If there are any worn gaskets, replace it. In addition, scrape out old caulk as well and change it with a new one because it can cause kitchen sink leaking underneath later.

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