Koyo Blankets and Tips to Choose the Right Blankets

Koyo Blankets and Tips to Choose the Right Blankets

If you live in a constantly cold area, you might need one of those Koyo blankets. These blankets, also known as Mink Blanket or Koyou Blanket provide you with warmth and comfort you might need especially in frosty area. Well, it is not actually made from mink’s fur. They just call it like that because it gives you the sensation of holding a fluffy animal. Aside from its fuzzy surface, it is a double-sided blanket, which means double comfort, too.

Highly requested, the blankets have been manufactured all around the world. That leads to the various types of the blankets. Here are some of the most sellable types:

Wonu Trix Blanket

Amongst all Koyou Blankets, Wonu Trix brand is the most favorable blanket. They are manufactured in Korea. This blanket is thick, yet so light and fluffy. Its durability is also not a child’s play, because it claimed to be able to last for 20 years. This is the most recommended cold coverings.

Solaron Blanket

The next most-recommended brand is also made in Korea. Solaron Blanket is somewhat like Wonu Trix, just a bit heavier. If you think you might want to snuggle yourself with warmth, this is the perfect blanket to go. Any cold breeze can be overcome with Solaron.

Korean Mink Blanket

The third rank in Koyo Blankets is the Korean Mink Blanket. As the name implies, it is also manufactured in Korea. They give you just enough warmth you need. It is simple, not too light nor too heavy. Not too thin, but also not too thick either. It is perfect for those who doesn’t want to spend too much funding on bed coverings.

Japanese and Chinese Blanket

Japanese and Chinese Koyou Blankets are the most often and easiest to find. They are manufactured in Japan and China. Amongst all, this might be the cheapest. Anyone can tell by looking and touching it. Their softness is slightly rough, but still comfortable to sleep on with.

If you are confused, here are some tips you might want to consider. First, decide which one that suits you the most. Which one do you prioritize on; comfortable or the price? Next, look for blankets that match your inner bedroom design and style. Last tip, if you are having troubled time looking for the right one, you can always ask for customized blankets. No matter what you ask, Koyo Blankets have it all.


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