Going Hobby Crazy

In the past few months, I’ve explored some of my childhood passions: singing and story-telling. As I kid, I would spend hours in front of the mirror in the bathroom at my mother’s office, putting on shows for myself. Maybe I was a bit narcissistic, but I loved to entertain…um, More >


Hastings Flea!

Hastings-on-Hudson is an incredible village along the Hudson river. The village is made up of a conscious, down-to-earth community, beautiful river views, a cute town and peace and quiet! As many of you know, I moved here from New York City a few years ago and never looked back.

I knew More >

Hanging at the Watercooler

There’s nothing like living in a community. Feeling love and support from people that surround us everyday, does wonders for our spirit! It’s no surprise that working in a community is just as satisfying. I found this great co-working space, just a few towns away from where I live, in More >


Wisdom 2.0

“There is never anything else but this moment,” says Eckhart Tolle.

Sometimes I think it’s technology that keeps me from being present and sane. Between checking my phone, lap top and iPad every minute, I know I must look like a crazy person. I sure feel like one at times! But More >


The Imperfections of Perfect

When our most talented singers are afraid to sing live in public at the risk of not sounding perfect, we may have an issue.

Beyonce practically pulled a Milli Vanilli on us. Sure, her prerecording captured her own voice, but as an audience we still felt similarly cheated. I was disappointed that on More >


Mad Success

I’m a late bloomer in many ways: I’m still not married, no kids yet, and I just finished season five of Mad Men. But who is checking!

The last Mad Men season was all about the main characters finding “success.” Megan became an actress, Peggy finally got promoted at another ad company, and More >


Not Knowing is Knowing

It’s been a while, since I’ve updated you on life in burbs or village by the burbs or whatever you may call it here in lower Westchester. Maybe because part of me feels, “Why should I share information or advice on living a peaceful and happy life?” “What makes me More >


My Silent Awakening

While I used to live for the busy streets of New York, after-work industry parties and large street fairs or events, these days I crave silence. I never thought it could happen, and hope my need for slowing down has nothing to do with fact that I’m approaching the big 4-0…um, More >


Post on Forbes Woman!

My latest blogging efforts landed me a page on ForbesWomen — How blogtastic is that? I originally wrote a story about “What I Learned Working with a Career Coach” and it got picked up on I guess that’s how blogging can go down sometimes. Check out the piece here.

I write about the More >